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Building a globally influential international science and technology innovation center...

Innovation is the first driving force for development. To implement the innovation-driven development strategy, we must firmly grasp the "bovine nose" of technological innovation. The planning outline proposes to build Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Dawan District into a “global international innovation center with global influence”, which reflects the profound insight into the high-quality development momentum of the new era. It is based on the overall development of the country and the foundation, reality and future of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. The scientific deployment made. The three regions have outstanding research and development and transformation capabilities, and have a number of universities, research institutes, high-tech enterprises and national science projects with important influences in the country and the world. The innovative elements are attractive and have good construction of international science and technology innovation centers. basis....

Inflationary pressures worth noting in 2018 The global economy will be the strongest in seven years...

According to the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), the U.S. manufacturing expansion in December was the fastest in three months in December, breaking records due to the increase in orders and production volume, the strongest year for manufacturing since 2004. Manufacturing industries around the world say they find it increasingly difficult to keep pace with demand, which could force them to raise prices as this year‘s global economy appears to be the strongest since 2011.

Will innovation appear in the cloud, on the edge or elsewhere?

Businesses need to be proactive, especially with the EU‘s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPRs), which take effect five months later. To ensure that retailers, government agencies, emergency services, and other organizations do not violate regulatory standards, one needs to consider whether facial recognition, license plate recognition, vehicle sensors and other technologies can meet the requirements and requirements of the GDPR.

2017 Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project Review and Outlook 2018

In the past three years, with the vigorous promotion by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration Project including Manufacturing Cloud Platform, which was stripped out by MIIT in 2016, the number of pilot projects for smart manufacturing has reached and exceeded the number of pilot projects conducted by MIIT Huaijin Peng in 2015, To 2018 to cultivate 100 smart manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise "goal.

Tactile and self-healing robot is becoming a reality

Recently, researchers at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom used graphene to develop an electronic robot skin that is more tactile than human hands. It is reported that the newly developed skin of the robot is essentially a tactile sensor, scientists will use it to create more lightweight prostheses, and the surface of the skin feels softer, more natural robot.